If there was a way to give Brad 6 stars we would.

If there was a way to give Brad 6 stars we would. Our transaction involved sellers who were in the midst of divorce, each seller with their own realtor. This resulted in a lot of coordination amongst multiple parties, miscommunication, and dropped balls on the seller’s side. Time and time again, Brad stepped up to the plate to pick up the slack that others left. Many people have mentioned how hard Brad works at all hours of the day–in our case he went above and beyond what was required of him to ensure that our deal closed. Despite the recent real estate meltdown, the market here in the bay area really has not changed with old school realtors, title companies, and related parties protecting the business that once was. We started off working with one such real estate company, and it was difficult to get a straight answer about anything. As a result, working with Brad was like a breath of fresh air. His knowledge of the real estate market and especially his negotiation strategy helped us get the price that we wanted.

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