Brad was great throughout the whole process

Brad was great throughout the whole process. He consistently and promptly replied to emails, phone calls, etc. and was always available when we needed him. He answered our questions with his industry knowledge, and helped make the whole closing process smooth and efficient. He gave us good advice regarding pricing and how to structure the offer, and presented our case to the seller when we wanted to negotiate the price after the appraisal came in low. This alone saved us $10,000! He was also more than willing to follow up with the seller’s agent after closing to ensure that a few items in the house were fixed to our satisfaction. Being a first time home buyer was stressful and worrisome at many points along the way, but Brad calmly guided us through everything and now we own a home! Overall, I would highly recommend Brad and his team. Oh, and the rebate is just icing on the cake!

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